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What To Ask When Buying New Construction

by Catalina Sandoval There’s no denying that there is a certain appeal to being the very first owner of a new house. You get to make all the decisions an...

How To Be a Good Neighbor During Renovations

by Catalina Sandoval Whether you’re renovating a home you just purchased, or you’re sprucing up your house in preparation to sell, there’s no denying...

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Buenos Dias Catalina


La Familia Rosa Chima nos sentimos muy agradecidos con usted y Richard por esa gran ayuda y asesoria transparente  que nos brindaron durante el tramite de la casa; sin la colaboracion de ustedes no habria... 

Catalina is the best!


Catalina is the best! She has the sweetest smile, is kind and warming 🙂 Genia Jones-Hale